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Virtual Hug: Make a difference with a virtual hug!

We know that the current situation is not at all easy, specially for the most vulnerable groups. Currently, there are many families who are on the poverty line, facing very difficult circumstances that have been aggravated by the health crisis. For this reason, from the Habaneras Shopping Center, we have wanted to contribute and provide them with our help, making it possible for you to participate as well.

We have organized a solidarity initiative that consists of giving virtual hugs. Each participation is translated into the donation of a liter of milk to the Food Association of Torrevieja, to be later distributed to all those vulnerable families who are lacking resources.

All you have to do is go to our Virtual Hug page, fill in the form that appears there and click on HUG to send your hug. Without you we can't do it! Also, with our online meter you will be able to see the amount of hugs/litres collected to date.

The best way to help is by doing your bit, or in this case, our virtual hug! In this way, we will be able to ease a little the situation of those vulnerable groups who are today, more than ever, without resources at their disposal.

Will you help us?


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2nd July 2020