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Virtual Hug: Do you lend us a helping paw?

Arriving home and having your best friend manage to wrest a huge smile from you with its effusive welcome is a pretty familiar scene for all of us who are lucky enough to share our lives with a pet. The fact is, furry ones give us everything and ask for nothing in return.

But, just as there are dogs with a wonderful family, there are others that do not have the same luck and they pursue the dream of getting it all their lives. This is where the work of animal protection organisations come in. Without them, many of the homeless dogs would not have the chance to get a second opportunity. But, these associations face daily numerous difficulties and expenses that they must assume with the only help of donations.

Those of you who know our history know that we have always stood by these organizations, because we are Pet Lovers and we do everything in our hand to lend a helping paw to the most disadvantaged furry ones.

Once again, we want to help them, but this time we need you to make it possible!

The difficult health situation we are going through at this moment has also affected them, as many animals have been abandoned during confinement and donations have stopped coming in. This has caused protectors, shelters and associations from all over Spain to find themselves in an even more complicated situation.

From Habaneras we want to revert this situation and with all the love in the world we have organized a solidarity initiative: Virtual Hug, with which we will turn every virtual hug into 1 kg of dog fodder that we will donate to the furry ones of the Asociación Animalistas de Torrevieja. Will you help us? It is very easy.

Send them your virtual hug through comments in our Instagram and Facebook posts. It's as easy as that! We will turn your comment into 1 kg of dog fodder that we will donate. And don't forget to share it with your friends and family! We want this action to reach as many people as possible.

Can you help us make a difference?


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07th of August 2020