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Enjoy news: Trends in makeup 2019

In habaneras we have everything ready to welcome spring with open arms. In previous posts we already commented on the fashion that is going to be a trend next season, but a good outfit cannot be considered finished if it is not accompanied by a perfect makeup, because this is also important.

The most renowned national and international fashion designers are clear about this and have made it clear on the catwalks. With Chanel, Versace or Givenchy, among other masters, we review the best make-up proposals that are going to be a trend during these months. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss anything!

Naturalness triumphs.

We say goodbye to very accentuated make-up to give way to naturalness. Despite the variety of proposals that we have seen on the catwalks, we are left with two elements that stand out in all the make-up; our protagonists for this spring/summer 2019 season will be the lips and eyes. Here are some tips for you to find the style that best suits your personality.

What is triumphing the most is the trend of no make-up, a light makeup that goes almost unnoticed, in which the important thing is naturalness. The idea is to highlight the features of the face through the contouring technique. This result is achieved with a light make-up base, thick, well-profiled, marked eyebrows and a blushing blush. In our Druni shop you can find the best makeup backgrounds to get your perfect contouring.

As for the lips, the color that will predominate the most is going to be red, because that's how Chanel presented it to us with his proposals. This trend complements the no make-up technique in such a way that all the attention is focused on the lips, but the naturalness remains intact. In Douglas you will be able to decide with all the wonderful lipsticks that you will find! 

And, last but not least, the second ingredient that will dazzle us like the flowers of spring. This time the eyes will stand out with abundant mascara of eyelashes, thus looking very long lashes both above and below. Without forgetting shadows in the teardrop to illuminate the look. You can find volume masks in Kiko Milano and much more!


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