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The Jennifer Colino rhythmic gymnastics club, qualified for the final of the Iberdrola league.


The club torrevejense wins in his group and gets classified among the 15 best clubs in Spain to dispute the final phase of first division rhythmic gymnastics.

This past Saturday, was held in the Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Son Moix de Mallorca the third phase Iberdrola League of rhythmic gymnastics where the Club Jennifer Colino of Torrevieja competed in the competition with three of their gymnasts.

A total of 136 gymnasts from 30 clubs belonging to 12 regional federations were classified for this third phase of the League, this time the winner of each group was classified for the Final Phase and this way two groups will be formed for the next phase of the competition and this way, this competition the first 15 teams will dispute the final in the First Division, where the best three will be awarded.

The club torrevejense participated after achieving the classification for this 3rd Phase, competing in group 4 by drawing lots with the Andalusian club, CGR Miralmar. In this competition, each club could present a single team with a maximum of eight gymnasts and a minimum of three, competing in a single category and with six exercises.

The young gymnasts of the Jennifer Colino Club, made a good competition getting to be the winners of their group and, therefore, managed to enter the 1st Division for the Final Phase, obtaining the following results:

Tatyana Shevchyk, performed a good hands-free exercise with which she obtained a score of 11,200. Later, she took part again in the competition with the apparatus of rope and ball, with which she reached a score of 9,750 and 9,300 respectively. Alina Standret, executed the hoop exercise and achieved a score of 9,700. Finally, Lucia Leshan Cañas Mendo, competed with the apparatus of maces and tape getting a score of 12.050 and 11.750 respectively.

In this way, the team formed by these three gymnasts had a total score of 54,450 points and managed to win in their group to which they belonged by drawing lots, so they have managed to automatically qualify for the Final Round of this national league of Iberdrola clubs to be held the weekend of 01 and 02 December in a venue yet to be determined.

The clubs that have qualified for the 1st division are: 

Mabel (CVA), Ritmo (CYL), AGR Catalunya (CAT), Almara Burjassot (CVA), Ribarroja (CVA), Gimnástico Almendralejo (EXT), Corzas Maspalomas (CAN), Daisan (CAN), CD Rítmica Salamanca (CYL), CGRD San Fernando (MAD), Sakoneta (PVA), CGR Manises (CVA). GR Jennifer Colino (CVA), GymPal (CYL) and CG Catalunya (CAT)



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Municipal Sports Palace of Son Moix de Mallorca

Saturday 27th October