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The Habaneras Shopping Centre celebrates International Dog Day

On 26 August, the Habaneras Shopping Centre and the Animal Protection Department is organising a “very furry event” to encourage people to adopt a dog from Torrevieja's Municipal Dog Shelter.

The Habaneras Shopping Centre is showing its charitable side by celebrating International Dog Day on 26 August.

It will do this by celebrating a “very furry” event to support the Municipal Dog Shelter, working in collaboration with the local Animal Protection Department and its manager, Ms Carmen Morate.

To spread the word about the shelter and to encourage new families to adopt the animals housed there, the Habaneras Shopping Centre is working with Torrevieja City Council’s animal department, which protects cats and dogs, to organise these events.

Among the activities organised for the big day there is a pro-adoption parade that will take place in the shopping centre at about 11.30. There will also be a charitable ‘flea market’, the proceeds of which will go to the shelter. A stand will be available to provide potential new owners with all the information they need to formally adopt their new friends. Also, the Dog Study and Education Centre (Centro de Estudios y Educación Canina, AYOCAN), will be there to share all the experience and skills of their trainers, who will give tips and methods for training adopted dogs.

The Asociación Animalista de Torrevieja also merits a special mention, as an organisation that collaborates with the Shelter every day. Its 50 volunteers will be accompanying the dogs during the parade.

If you would like to adopt a furry friend, collaborate with the Shelter and do something for charity, come along to the plaza central at the Habaneras Shopping Centre on Saturday, 26 August, from 11.00 to 23.00.


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