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The Habaneras Shopping Center transports you to the past of Torrevieja.

Know the history of Torrevieja through old photographs.

On April 7, 1909, the brig schooner "Faith" was shipwrecked on the beach of the castaways of Torrevieja. It happened that on April 6, around five o'clock in the afternoon, when he was stationed in the Bay of Torrevieja, in view of the bad weather that the weather offered, the captain hoisted a signal to call the pilot to set sail. The next day in the morning, being close to the coast enduring a harsh storm with NE wind and mountainous waves in danger of being shipwrecked, they hoisted the signal of request for help, which when seen by the Salvage Station, enlisted the lifeboat "Martín Aguirre", being patron Vicente Mínguez, taking on board the Assistant Navy, José García Quesada.

After several attempts to save the crew of the "Faith", the boat was completely destroyed by the strong impacts of the sea, leaving its crew in the water. Luckily, the English steamer "Darblayd" was nearby, who came to the aid of the crew of the "Faith" and the lifeboats that were all in the water, managing to save them, throwing life-saving lines, until they managed to board the ship. scale that had been placed on the side of the steamer, while the wind and waves dragged the sailboat against the shore of Los Náufragos beach, where dozens of people were waiting for the rescue maneuver. As a result of the loss in this action of the historic salvage boat Martín Aguirre, "it was replaced by the boat" Marqués de Reinosa uno ".



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