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The Habaneras Shopping Center transports you to the past of Torrevieja.

Know the history of Torrevieja through old photographs.

Do you want to know how was the inauguration of the new Casino of Torrevieja?

The beginnings of the new Casino took place on August 10, 1896 in a time of unequaled time. The building, with ground floor and floor, was considered one of the best in its class.

Modernist style stood a few meters above the sea. In the middle part of the building a wide skylight established a continuous air flow in all the apartments, which has been pleasant to stay in the hottest hours of the day. It had two priceless pianos as well as a very expensive and beautiful billiard table worked with wood of holy wood and mahogany, which completed the rich furniture, also showing a marble staircase to go upstairs.

The day of the inauguration of the municipal band of Tocó a beautiful pasodoble to start the party.



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Habaneras Shopping Center

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