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The Habaneras Shopping Center puts rhythm and fun on Sundays and family holidays.

This Easter holiday, the Habaneras Shopping Centre will continue to place special emphasis on Sundays, adding an acoustic concert programme to its selection of free activities, where both parents and little ones can all have a great time.



The Habaneras Shopping Centre continues to promote family Sundays and holidays, especially during Easter Week. It is adding new activities to the ones already in place, which include the zip line, eco-workshops, play centre, dance classes and free nanny service.


Sundays 18 and 25 March and 1 April, Habaneras is offering a programme with acoustic concerts to liven up the evening, starting at 18.30h on the shopping centre's terraces. Pablo Lalanda will kick off the programme, delighting us with his music next Sunday 18. Sunday 25, local composer Kike Montes will provide a pleasant evening, with his sensitivity-infused style.  And Sunday 1 April, Jonathan Pons, from Torrevieja, with his Flamenco-fusion flair, blending pop, rock and bossa nova, will help us to enjoy another fabulous musical moment at Habaneras.


What's more, to celebrate Father's Day at Habaneras, both Sunday 18 and Monday 19, parents and their children can participate in a contest, in true television style. By answering a series of questions, they show how well they know each other. Participants with the highest number of shared correct answers win 100€ in gift cards to use at the Habaneras shops of their choice.


Lastly, and as something special to enjoy these Easter Week holidays, Habaneras has organised a virtual experience: a flight simulator in a hang glider through the skies of Torrevieja.   This activity will be available from Friday 23 March until 6 April, from 12:30h through 14:30h and from 16:30h through 20:30h. Two weeks of true adrenaline, so both adults and kids can have a blast. This Easter, if you want to fly, come to the Habaneras Shopping Centre.


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