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The AECC expects you in Habaneras

Soon we will have a visit from the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC and we would like to count on your support.

Stay tuned, we will indicate the days on all our channels. 

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 is causing an emergency situation in cancer. The coronavirus is having an economic, occupational, health, psychological and scientific impact on an already vulnerable population. This is the alert launched by the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

Possible postponements in treatment, delays in testing, the consequences of confinement and the paralysis of the country in order to beat the COVID-19 are causing a cancer emergency which the AECC is warning of in order to be prepared and to face up to it. This alert has been sent to the Spanish Government and the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction so that the vulnerability of this population can be taken into account, measures can be designed to meet their needs and families with cancer can be protected.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer has set up an extraordinary fund of ?3 million to help these families.

You can see more details of these actions here

It is for this reason that, now more than ever, the donations of our partners and collaborators are essential to be able to maintain all this aid and to meet all the needs that may arise in the coming months.

We are counting on you.


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