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In the Habaneras Shopping Centre it smells like Christmas already

Christmas smells like a burning chimney as you unravel the lights from the tree. It smells like gift wrap, nougat and marzipan. Also hot chocolate with cinnamon and good wishes. It smells of friends' dinners and food in the oven with the visit of the grandparents. It smells like mom's soup. It smells of affectionate shopping and last-minute rush. Christmas smells like family and friends. If you breathe it you will be able to smell the holidays and the good resolutions. Smell those nervous nights, for gifts, and those phrases like "behave well that come kings.

In the Habaneras Shopping Centre we know what Christmas smells like and that is why we have prepared some family plans full of surprises, special visits and lots of enthusiasm. Come celebrate Christmas with us, discover the calendar of Habaneras Christmas events.

Enjoy Christmas in Habaneras



Habaneras Shopping Center

From 27th November to 6 Jaunary