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In Habaneras we want a future without Alzheimer´s

In Habaneras we want a future without Alzheimer's disease 

Donate your memories and help us to stop this epidemic in which one in two people are already affected by this disease.

The Habaneras Shopping Centre continues to show its solidarity side in the fight against Alzheimer's disease and its consequences in society by supporting the work of AFA Torrevieja (a local association whose aim is to improve the real needs of families and patients, as well as raising awareness in society and public and private bodies, and supporting research).

Habaneras wants to continue supporting the work of the Alzheimer's Association of Relatives and Friends of Torrevieja by raising funds for the adaptation of a minibus necessary for its members, affected by this disease, can have a vehicle adapted to move them, every day, to their facilities. Where they are served according to their needs. Many of them are still disabled and unable to attend the centre. That is why Habaneras and AFA Torrevieja have strengthened a cooperative relationship with the aim of improving the conditions of those affected by Alzheimer's disease. This work involves publicizing a crowdfunding platform called www.donatusrecuerdos.org, an initiative in which Habaneras wants to help by encouraging you to know and support it, or by making a donation directly in the urn located in the PAC of Habaneras.

With your help, little by little we will be able to mitigate the effects that this disease is producing in our society, for a future without Alzheimer's disease.

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