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If you dont remember, you haven't lived it.

Ready to forget all your memories?

When I count to 3 you will forget your first day of class, the first kiss and that the paella is your favourite dish. You'll also forget who your children are and how it was to tie your shoelaces. When I count to 3 you'll forget what spring smells like and what it feels like when you take the first summer bath in the sea. You will also forget your name and even forget to love.
When I count to 3 you will forget all your memories.

Are you ready? 3,2,1. Forget it! 

This is how an Alzheimer's sufferer feels like. 

In Habaneras we think that nothing should take away the memories of a lifetime, your memories form what you are so today we want to remember more than ever this disease and those who suffer it. That's why in the international month of Alzheimer's we want to count on you. 
We wait for you on 29 and 30 September at the main entrance of Habaneras, next to the Information Point, to support the foundation AFA (Alzheimer's Association of Relatives and Friends) of Torrevieja.

You will be informed about the disease, support offered as a foundation to affected and their families, and you can consult all your doubts. Don't forget, it's a good opportunity to -if you can- make a donation. Because without research there is no cure.

3,2,1 Remember!

In addition to helping to preserve your memories and those of all those susceptible to Alzheimer's, you can win a tablet SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A, so that you have at hand your social networks, your agenda and of course, keep all your memories.
Show the world your solidarity face

Publish your selfie on the stand of AFA Torrevieja showing support for their cause including the hashtag #HabanerasConElProyectoAlzheimer and you will get a new participation for the draw.


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September 21 World Alzheimer's Day