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Habaneras official sponsor of the Carnival Queen of Torrevieja 2020

The Habaneras Shopping Centre, once again, becomes the official sponsor of the Queen of the Torrevieja Carnival. And, as every year, next Saturday 1st February will accompany her in her coronation act.

If you are a real carnival lover, take note and do not miss anything:

  • Next January 31st, the Torrevieja Carnival 2020 will begin, with the corresponding announcement, programmed for 21:00h, in the Torrevieja Municipal Theatre.
  • The next day will be the Presentation and Coronation Gala of the Carnival Queens. Representatives of the centre's management will attend to accompany their queen.
  • The great Carnival parade where the queen will show off her reign, exhibiting her costume on the float sponsored by the shopping centre, will be on 16th February, leaving from the Plaza de María Asunción.
  • Finally, there will also be the Nightly Carnival Parade on February 22nd.

And as if that were not enough, February ends with the National Competition of Chirigotas and Comparsas "Ciudad de Torrevieja" 2020 in the Municipal Theatre. Are you going to miss it?

Consult the whole programme of the Torrevieja Carnival here.


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