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Habaneras leaves a green footprint

In Habaneras we have decided to leave our green footprint, that is why we want your visit to the planet and to our Shopping Center to be productive for the environment. We are waiting for you on our terrace to show the world that our Habaneras family has the capacity to change the world. 

To sow a seed is to sow conscience!

It is very simple, go up to our terrace plant, take one of our pots, add some fertilizer, bury one of the biodegradable capsules with seeds and let it rest in our [H]eco space. Remember to come and water it and pamper it! 

In a few days you will see how your seed has grown and you will realize the capacity you have to create a better world. Don't forget to share the process with the little ones, after all we are responsible for leaving them a sustainable world.

We can all do something to take care of the environment, for example, how long has it been since you cycled to Habaneras? we invite you to do it! You will enjoy the ride and you will be able to reconcile with the planet. Besides, remember that at the entrance of Habaneras our shark is waiting for you where you can deposit all the waste that should never dirty our beaches, streets or natural spaces.

Because in Habaneras we know that we are part of a whole, and we want you to join us.
Do you want to change the world?



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28 july 2020