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Habaneras immerses you in the best summer sales on the coast

The Habaneras Shopping Centre brings you the most refreshing discounts in Torrevieja and fun plans for the whole family

The Habaneras Shopping Centre, managed by MVGM, has got everything ready to provide its customers with the summer’s most invigorating sales. The best retail shopping offers in Torrevieja at the best price. Habaneras will be the perfect place to take full advantage of sales of articles from the world’s great fashion houses, complements, footwear and thousands of other articles that will enable our clients to combine the perfect summer outfit from the 29th of June to the 31st of August.

But in addition to the best prices, you can get another great “catch” at the Habaneras summer sales: customers can win some stupendous prizes like a dinner for two or gift vouchers from some of the shopping centre’s top establishments. You only have to download the [H]app, scan the QR codes hidden in the nooks and crannies around the shopping centre using the Gymkhana button on the main menu. Each code may contain one of the letters of the word V-E-R-A-N-O. Once you have got the entire word you will receive a coupon on your mobile phone that you can
exchange for fifteen (15) seconds to hunt for direct prizes and demonstrate your skill with the “hook” to get them. Receipt tickets for fifteen (15) euros or more also entitle you to take part, so your purchases at Habaneras could also win a prize.

And to make sure that this summer has its star moments, Habaneras proposes the perfect plan; “dinner and a show”. Choose one of our catering establishments and stay on for the summer movie that we screen every night on the terrace from ten o’clock (10 p.m.). Tickets are limited, so don’t be late. Finally, to honour the established tradition Habaneras will once again open its famous zip line so that the more daring among our customers can get their shot of adrenaline. This summer you can undoubtedly have a wonderful time in Habaneras heaven.


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1th July