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Habaneras has the coolest summer sales and events in Torrevieja

Habaneras Shopping Centre has fantastic discounts and prizes for all its customers.

All through August, Habaneras Shopping Centre, managed by MVGM, will be continuing to offer customers the best sales and the coolest summer events. The Centre is set to carry on suggesting activities for the whole family and giving away lots of prizes as part of its 15th anniversary celebrations.

Habaneras is the perfect place for making the most of discounts on top fashion brands, accessories, footwear, beauty and loads of other items, with a huge variety to choose from. The shopping centre knows that summer and the holidays are mean to be enjoyed to the full, so it's running a wide range of activities, including giveaway prizes just for being a user of the Habaneras App, exchanging shopping receipts or taking part in the entertaining Yincana (“Gymkhana”) event. Prizes available include: €15 gift cards, dinners for two, gifts from operators, 15th anniversary merchandising and loads of other prizes.

To get your hands on these prizes, all you have to do is download the centre's [H]app and you'll get 15 seconds to capture them on the claw machine installed in the main entrance, right next to the information point. If you want to obtain more seconds, the App's main menu has a button labelled “Yincana”, so when you click on the scanner button you'll be able to scan all the QR codes hidden all over the shopping centre and each one makes a letter in the magic word: V-E-R-A-N-O (SUMMER). When you've scanned all the letters you'll have 15 seconds extra to capture your prize, but you'll have to show off your skills with the claw machine to do it!

But Habaneras is making it even easier and, up until 31 August, all shopping receipts will also add extra seconds for capturing prizes. The amount of all the receipts presented will be divided by 15 to calculate the seconds customers have to chase their prizes and grab them. If you don't manage to get a prize, no problem, you can keep on trying and in the meantime, Habaneras is inviting everyone to cool down with a drink at the kiosks on the terrace floor.

If you're feeling nostalgic or you just want to have a good time like you used to do back in the 90s, don't miss a visit to the shopping centre's central plaza, where a maze of blocks and the legendary amusement arcades from that era are waiting for you.

Remember that Habaneras Shopping Centre continues to guarantee a great visit and shopping experience for all its customers, thanks to meticulous compliance with the safety and hygiene measures implemented.

One this is clear - the coolest sales in Torrevieja and the best summer events are here in Habaneras!


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3rd August 2020