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Habaneras Anniversary, 14 years in full color

In Habaneras we have been with you and everyone for 14 years, because if something defines our personality, it is our plurality. Because in Habaneras we are languages, we are color, we are traditions and we are cultures. And, for that reason, every anniversary we celebrate in style, with different cultural values from every corner of the world.

This year our anniversary party dresses in shari, with holi powder colours and your heart gets filled with God Shiva, Buddha and the revered elephants of India. Because this year, we move you to the most festive Hindu culture so you can enjoy all your magic with us. A whole display of means to turn Habaneras into the perfect setting for a unique celebration and that's what our anniversary deserves.

So, don't forget the date and, next March 30th, come to Habaneras to live with us our 14th Anniversary FULL OF COLOUR.

Enjoy great workshops that will fill you up with all the magic of India and make you spend an unforgettable day, with yoga workshops: Tai Yoga, Yoga Flow, Inyasa Yoga with live music from Hang Pang and Yoga Dance and Dynamic Meditation. You can meet a specialized makeup artist to make you shine with creative Hindi makeup and also savor the Indian flavors with Chef David Hernández from Nexo fusion restaurant.

We will also have a very special performance: Colours of India! with choreography by Sures Singh, director of the Bollywood Show Colors of India and its dancers. As if it were a whirlwind of color and exoticism, they will bring a musical show with all the magic, aroma and vitality of the Indian culture.

Take a photo of this day in our special "Bollywood" photocall!

Do you want to know more? Download all the information here.

Also, if you are an [H]addict, celebrate the 14th Anniversary with the best prizes. How?

Validate your purchase tickets at the InfoBox of the mall and, for every € 20 validated, you will receive a participation voucher for the big prize draw so you can be one of the four winners of these four prizes:

- Star prize! 1000€. Will you be able to spend them in 40 minutes?

- Gift card of 500€ to enjoy in the Resort de Lujo Asia Garden

- Gift pack from the Habaneras stores

- Pack with gifts from our collaborators that includes two tickets for the show "Colours of India" in Madrid.

The timetable for redeeming your tickets for the participation coupons that you will then deposit in the ballot box will be from 11:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:20pm to 9:30pm except on 30 March which will be until 7:00pm. 

Just for participating, you will take a Hindu candle as a souvenir to illuminate your home!

Everything has been arranged for you to come and live an unforgettable experience. So, do you want to participate?

Don't worry if you're not a [H]addict yet, come to the centre and find out everything. We are waiting for you.

Because in Habaneras this 14th anniversary is FULL OF COLOUR.

Enjoy Habaneras

Remember, "The heart in peace sees a feast in every village." Indian proverb.


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Habaneras Shopping Center

30th March