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Habaneras and its environmental DNA

In Habaneras, we have the environmental commitment in our DNA. We love to contribute to encourage people’s environmental awareness, as well as take care of planet needs. For this reason, and because we want you to come along with us in this path, we are going to make you to think in green!

If we think in green, we will help to promote social awareness, contributing to preserve the natural resources, and therefore, to improve the environment where we live. Did you know that we have enabled an area next to our entrance door to deposit all those wastes you found previously in the shore? It is guarded by our metal shark, who is pleased to help, because to keep them all together is better than share them with every living being in our seas.

Our shopping centre is defined by preserving, not just by helping to create. We want to create awareness about importance of not distruct what we have, not only to collaborate with this initiative. 

Do you already know our “Habaneras leaves a green footprint” initiative? It is one of the many ways we work on to help creating social awareness. We plant little seeds, giving second live to wastes. Essential to children an adults who want to take part. 

Do you help us to take care of our future?


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05th of August 2020