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Green makes us look good

In Habaneras, we pay attention to our surroundings and we look after you. Because of that, we want you to find all we do to respect the enviroment.
- The design of Habaneras spaces is qualified with an exceptional Breeam Certificate, for obtaining energy saving, environmental and social preservation
- We have a waste area, located in the loading dock, with which we minimize the environmental impact generated by the merchandise trade
- We implemented the ISO 14001 regulation, minimizing waste and prioritizing recycling and reuse.
- We believe that oil, once used, can be useful. That's why we have installed vegetable oil containers for merchants and customers.
- In our green points, set in the inner entrances of the Center, accessible from Parking 0 and Parking -1, respectively. We also have containers for batteries, used clothes and glass.
- In addition, we separate the organic waste, paper and containers that are generated in the center to contribute as little as possible to the greenhouse effect.
We love fetting on green!


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