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Enjoy Habaneras from the sky

Don't skip the regimen, do sport, get up early, always be friendly, work 12 hours, always answer in whatsapp groups, be tidy, don't be stressed...


Now you don't need to be good to go to heaven. 

Because we want to take you to the top so you can enjoy the best views of Torrevieja, always with the hand of the company you choose, in Habaneras inaugurate a new access to our terrace floor, directly from the outside.

A plant that will be filled with magic, with places where you can enjoy something quick to eat, where you can have a few skewers enjoying the Mediterranean breeze or, if you want to surprise your partner, enjoy a romantic dinner by moonlight.

Discover the terrace floor of Habaneras.

Enjoy Habaneras from the sky.  



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