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Enjoy the empowerment of women in Habaneras

On March 6th and 7th, experience the Empower Women effect in Habaneras, where the protagonist is you; WOMAN.


And we say it with capital letters because you deserve it. For your character of overcoming, for being a friend of your friends, because you don't need anyone at your side to be complete. Because you are great. Because you are strong. And because you are REAL and authentic.


That is why, in the week dedicated to WOMEN, we want you to show off and shout how proud you are.  And we have prepared some very special days:


  • On the 6th, in the morning, we'll enjoy a relaxed breakfast with different women from Torrevieja and other areas. We will share views and experiences with: women representing the fight against cancer, the Circle of Women Entrepreneurs of Torrevieja, the women's football team in the city, the director of the school of hospitality, women of the Chamber of Commerce, mothers of APANEE, the winners as "Women 2020" and "Women in equality 2020", as well as the councilwoman of sport, and the mayor of Commerce and Lieutenant Scope of Torrevieja. All of them will also participate in a radio program on Radio Torrevieja, live from the Mall, where you can meet each of them.


  • On the 7th, from 12h, professionals from Torrevieja of the Mamifit method, will help you to get your pelvic floor in shape and will inform you about the benefits they mean for women. And in the afternoon, we will organize a corner dedicated to the care of the woman, with workshop of makeup, care of beauty, hairdresser's shop, etc. of the hand of the best professionals of Habaneras, who will put themselves to the service of the woman. All this, thanks to the collaboration of: KIKO Milano, Ebbani, Druni, Marvimundo and Douglas.


Besides, this week we also start in Habaneras the celebration of our 15th anniversary. There are many years with you, in which we have grown and lived many experiences. The sum of all of them we have wanted to summarize in a single slogan: REAL ENJOY. Come and discover it!



Because this is your week.


#EmpowerWomen #Habaneras #RealEnjoy


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March 2020