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Discover Torrevieja with the Habaneras Shopping Center

Every week, we suggest you discover a place, an emblematic monument or one of our beautiful beaches in Torrevieja.

The famous answer is B, Park of the Nations.

This famous park of Torrevieja is a reference to all the nations of Europe. The map of the European continent is visually reproduced on its land.

With an abundant vegetation of autochthonous mediterranean class, it stands out for its lake of 6000 square meters of extension. In its land, we can enjoy a variety of fauna: geese, ducks, geese and more than 3000 colorful fish, tents ...

In addition, it has a terrarium with iguanas, tortoises and attractions for the little ones, such as the Dinosaurio-Tobogán. And, as if that were not enough, we can enjoy an exhibition hall "Los Aljibes" whose rooms house different art exhibitions in the city.

If you have known how to recognize it, you are a true torrevejense!


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