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Discover our Guau Pet Area

Your dog is going shopping!

That's right, in Havana we invite all your furry friends to visit us in your company. No need to leave them at home! They're sure to be great personal shoppers, and they love it when you take them to explore new places.

The Pet Lover team in Havana has prepared everything so that your visit will be a lot of fun, both for you and your pet. And to formalize our proposal of fun with your pet, we propose a plan that you can't refuse...

This Wednesday 26th of August we have a little surprise! In the terrace floor next to the urban garden of Habaneras we inaugurate a new space with a very "GUAU" dog circuit. 

Also that day our new space Guau Pet Area will be waiting for you from 19h to 21h to reward the first 100 with a very cool detail. And not only that! also have the collaboration of the dogs of the Animal Shelter of Torrevieja, so you can meet them and who knows? maybe it can be part of your family! 

But the surprises do not end here, as we will take advantage of your visit to make the donation to the Torrevieja's animalist asociation of 500 kg of feed that we have collected thanks to your comments in our Virtual Hug action.

You definitely can't miss it. Because if it's your life partner, why leave it at home? 

Wow, what a space you have in Habaneras! 


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24th of august 2020