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Club Jennifer Colino's success in the 2018 promises league and in the VII Club Kayma Tournament


This past Saturday the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Jennifer Colino Torrevieja moved to Aspe to dispute the last phase of the League Promises 2018.

For this IV Phase, 19 gymnasts represented our club in many of the categories and in different modalities: individuals, teams, duos and ensembles, all of them obtaining the following results:

The winners of this phase were: Katya Pankratova in the benjamin category with her hands free exercise, Claudia Ticehurst in the alevin category with the hoop apparatus, Andrea Gea in the cadet category with the tape exercise, Karolina Luchynets in the hands free and fry category, Asia Bonelli in the alevin and ball apparatus category, Juliya Susciova in the children's hands free category, the alevin team formed by Karol and Asia and the children's team formed by Juliya and Nayade.

The runners-up in this phase were: Amira Stepanova in the minibaby category with her hands-free exercise, Amanda Valera in the alevin category with her hands-free exercise and Nayade García in the children's category with her hoop device.

The bronze medal in this phase went to the alevin team formed by Amanda Valera and Elena Pankratova.

It is worth mentioning the great performance of our gymnasts from the pre-benjamin duo Miley Martinez and Diana Bratash and the baby ensemble formed by Naira Torres, Africa, Diana Temerbulatova, Elina Susciova and Leticia Ivchenko who in both modalities managed to take a magnificent fourth position. Also, Blanca Huertas and Elena Pankratova did a great job on track.


After adding the 4 competitions of this season of the gymnasts participating in the 2018 Promises League, the results of the final ranking of our gymnasts are as follows:

GOLD Claudia Ticehurst in individual alevin category.

GOLD Karol Luchynets and Asia Bonelli, alevin teams.

GOLD Nayade Garcia and Juliya Susciova, children's teams.

SILVER Miley Martinez and Diana Bratash, prebenjamin duo.

SILVER Katya Pankratova in individual benjamin category.

SILVER Andrea Gea  in individual cadet category.

SILVER Amanda Valera and Elena Pankratova, alevin teams.

BRONZE Amira Stepanova in individual mini-baby category.

BRONZE Emily Carnero and Polina Anfinogentova, duo alevin.

4º Classified the Set baby

4th classified the Benjamin Set


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Aspe League 2018 Promises

Saturday 2 June