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Black Friday in Habaneras

Products up to 1000€ for 1€ in Habaneras

You will only find it in Habaneras. There will be discounts of up to 70% and you can also take items for 1 euro.

Yes, you read right!

With the Black Friday of Habaneras you can take a mobile phone, a perfume, a piece of furniture or a coat for 1 euro. Oh! you can also have dinner for... 1 euro!

Wow, it's amazing how much you can get for 1 euro in Habaneras!

While you enjoy your shopping in Habaneras be very attentive to your social networks and your [H]app because every hour we will give indications of where the hostess will be with each prize. Go there and if you are the first to arrive you will take the item.

Very important! In order to participate you will need to present the hostess with a purchase ticket worth 20€ (or several that add up to that value) of the same day, November 27th, spent in Habaneras.

Consult the rules of participation.

This year you can only find luck in Habaneras with the best Black Friday in Torrevieja.


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