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Back to school with the best look

Who feels like going back to school? Playing with friends, seeing the teachers, learning a lot of new things, opening a new backpack and of course, everyone's favorite, breathing in that new smell when you open your books and notebooks for the first time ... 

We know that this year will continue to be very special, and that is why in Habaneras we want so much to accompany you with your adventures. Together we will prepare for the most awaited reunion!

Come and get ready for the most awaited return with the latest trends and the best looks! Our Habaneras shopping center is ready for you to come back after so many months of hard work in the school corridors, besides, we all know the famous summer tugs!  Surely more than one of us has lost the small shoes, or the too short pants and the small t-shirts. So don't hesitate and take advantage of the return to school to renew your closet and start a new stage with Habaneras.   

We know that many of you already have your batteries 100% charged to go back to school and that's why we want to give you an extra push of energy. And how are we going to do it? Watch out for what's coming!

Every time you do your shopping in the stores of our Habaneras shopping center, keep your tickets!  Once you have them, go to our Infobox to redeem them. For every 10 euros spent you will receive a voucher for a super draw that we have prepared, it's cool, isn't it? and you can't imagine what the prize is... The winner will get an outfit valued up to 300€ in the Mayoral de Habaneras store!  You can't miss this opportunity to go back to school through the big door. You can participate from August 31th to September 27th!

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And the surprises don't end here, everyone who downloads our [H] Habaneras App  will get a free notebook. (Until end of stock) So, if you still don't have the Habaneras App, download it now! and come to redeem your coupon in our infobox. All your ideas already have a place to be written and saved, we love it when you let your imagination fly!

Finally, to make this return to school of the most special we have organized a new action that will allow you to collaborate with the school of Torrevieja you want. Habaneras will donate up to 3300 euros in school supplies and a scholarship for the most advantaged student soon you will know how to do it. 

Raise your hand who wants to return to school!


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31th August 2020