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A weekend to frame the gymnasts of the CGR Jennifer Colino de Torrevieja


Last Saturday, the Jennifer Colino Club of Torrevieja moved to the city of Villena to compete in the first tournament of the season of the Basic and Middle Federation level, in addition to the league level. Numerous gymnasts belonging to the club participated in its different categories and modalities, both individually and in teams, highlighting the following results:

THE GOLD MEDALS WERE FOR: Alisa Zatsepilina in the pre-Benjamín category, Eva Zatsepilina in the Alevin individual category with ball and in the team, Manuela Sánchez with the rope exercise, Amelia Deonas in the Juvenile category with the ring apparatus, Jaana Androsova and Cristina Lukivska with the ball and hoop apparatus respectively, as well as, as a team, Vera Tereshchuk in alevin category after her ball exercise and as a team with her partner Jessica Pérez.

THE SILVER MEDALS WERE FOR: Amanda Valera with her hands-free exercise, the team formed by Amanda and Polina Vinokurova in alevin category, Agata Kontrarasa and Luna Asensio with the ball and hoop apparatus respectively, as well as, as a team.

THE BRONZE MEDALS WERE FOR: Merche Garcia with the ring apparatus and Karolina Luchynets in Alevin category after their hands-free exercise.

EXHIBITIONS: The gymnasts Alva Kronback, Roxana Enache, Julia Slukina and Ana María Rincón made an exhibition with rope, ball and hoop devices.



During the weekend of April 20 to 22, in the afternoon, several gymnasts of the Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Jennifer Torrevieja played the XII National Trophy of Almoradi. Proof that for some served as a test facing the Championship of Spain to be held from April 18-21 and for others, as a shooting to begin the season of absolute level shortly.


THE GOLD MEDAL WAS FOR: Alina Standret, in the children's category with the ring set.
THE SILVER MEDAL WAS FOR: Tatyana Shevchyk, in category cadet with the string device.
THE BRONZE MEDAL WAS FOR: Inna Lukivska, in the juvenile category with the hoop apparatus and Leanne Kohlstedt in the children's category with the ball apparatus.
 Aniya Tuganbekova after her hoop exercise achieved the fifth position and Lucia Garcia with her ball exercise managed to be ranked eighth.


Our gymnast Lucia Leshan Cañas, took part in the competition in junior category, a category superior to yours, since she is childish, but that served as a preparatory base for their next competitions. Lucia got the following results:

  Gold medal in his club exercise
  Silver medal with the ring device
  Bronze medal with ribbon.

For its part, Torrevieja Sylvana Muñoz, made a magnificent exhibition with its three exercises (hands-free, rope and ball) as in this tournament was not present its category, but took the opportunity to make a good test facing the competitions and upcoming objectives you have.


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