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1st position in the 1st phase of the Iberdrola League for the Jennifer Colino Rhythmic G. Club

Last Saturday, March 26th, the C.G.R Jennifer Colino de Torrevieja premiered in the Iberdrola Rhythmic Gymnastics League with 3 of her gymnasts. More than 300 gymnasts from 14 regional federations and 68 clubs took part in the competition, which was divided into groups and lasted from 9 am to 8 pm. The club torrevejense participated in the Group B competing with the clubs of C.D. Zaragozano, G.R. Seneca, C. Málaga and Gimnástico las Rozas. Each club could present a single team with a maximum of eight gymnasts and a minimum of three, competing in a single category and with six exercises.

In spite of the young age of the gymnasts of the Jennifer Colino Club, they showed an excellent level obtaining these results:

Sylvana Muñoz, did a good hands-free exercise with which she got a score of 9,433. Later, he took part again in the competition with the ball machine, with which he reached a score of 8,450, 
Tatyana Shevchyk, who despite competing with fever, was able to defend her exercise despite a small failure in the course of her routine and got a score of 7.917.
Lucia Leshan Cañas, competed with three apparatuses and managed to perform some good exercises, which gave her the following score: 10.517 hoop, 10.150 maces and 10.800 tape. 
Thus, the gymnasts of the club torrevejense added up to a total of 49,350 points taking the first position within the group and qualifying automatically to the second phase of this Iberdrola League to be held in May. 

We continue to monitor the success of the club and its representatives. Congratulations and good luck in the second phase.

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Iberdrola Rhythmic Gymnastics League

March 26th