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The taste of Torrevieja from home

If you are a real Food Lover and you love this land as much as we do, put on your apron and go and light the fire, because we want you to invite us to discover the taste of Torrevieja from home. We are looking for a master recipe that best represents our city. In addition, we will have the Torrevieja Tourism, to advise us at all times. And that recipe that we like the best, will get 6 months subscription to the School of MasterChef by courtesy of Habaneras.

Now you have the opportunity to reinvent that recipe that reminds you so much of your grandmother, or that dish you always tasted at special moments or the rice that your father taught you to prepare when you were a child. Besides, if your recipe is the one selected, you will be able to perfect your culinary skills at the famous school, for 6 months, and you will leave everyone with their mouths open as well as their stomachs full. 

How to participate?

First of all, you have to be a follower of the shopping centre's social networks, and:

  • If you are a Facebook user, go to the event "El Sabor de Torreviejadesde casa" and upload a picture of your recipe
  • If you participate from Instagram or from Twitter, you can upload it from your own profile, but don't forget to tag us @las habaneras
  • In the post tell us, step by step, how you made the recipe for your dish and why you think it should represent the taste of Torrevieja

Remember that you have until April 8 to participate and show everyone what Torrevieja tastes like.


Check the rules here.


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