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Tetris for printing

As you know, in Habaneras we have revived the melancholy of the 90s with our recreations. But there is a specific game that nobody can forget, and even less of its music! Because being sincere, who doesn't remember the mythical game Tetris? Whether in the Game Boy or in the arcade machines, this game marked several generations. That's why this week, in our playroom, we have decided to make a kind of tribute to it in our own way. 

So without further ado we present to you... the Habaneras Tetris for printing!

In our online playroomy you will find everything you need to play, you just have to download the document where the templates of the cards are and a grid on which to place the blocks. 

 How to play? 

It is clear that everyone can use their imagination and invent a thousand and one ways to play, but we will propose a very simple and fun to start:

We distribute all the pieces of Tetris among the players.

2. We will draw lots to see who starts, and the lucky player will be the first one to place a piece on our grid by making the spaces coincide. 

3. The rest of the players will be adding their pieces always taking into account that these must be in contact with another one of the board or in some way that they fit. 

4. The player who runs out of tiles before or in case the space runs out and no more tiles fit, the player who has less tiles will win. 

Now it is your turn to put your strategy and skill into action. 

Shall we play?


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20th august 2020