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Happy World Animal Day!

In the Habaneras shopping centre we celebrate this day with a lot of illusion. We love and respect animals. We are very proud to be "animal friendly", something intrinsic to the values of our center. So we invite you to come visit us with your pet. 

We take this opportunity to mention the Municipal Pet Shelter  of Torrevieja, with whom Habaneras collaborates closely. This Shelter works day by day to give home to dogs and cats that still have not found a home, so that these enjoy a free space in the best conditions until they are welcomed.

In a special day as today we celebrate the animal life, in all its forms. Respecting animals is fundamental for our planet to run its course. Therefore we will do everything in our power to try not to harm their environment and development, is essential.

Remember, in Habaneras owners and pets leave their mark. 


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