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[H]alloween with a lot of trick

It is said that the evil witches, from dark and remote places, plan to come to the Habaneras shopping centre this Halloween...

Do you think you'll be brave enough to show up in front of them? You bet! Because these scary witches have come a long way to do a deal with you and... give you treats this Halloween! But there's more!

Take part in our Halloween scavenger hunt: Hunt the "pumpkin" and take your prize!

You will only have to find the pumpkins that are distributed throughout the mall and that contain a QR code that you will have to scan from the Habaneras App, using the button called "yincana". Each QR contains one of the syllables that make up the spanish word CA.LA.BA.ZA. When you get all the syllables, you can go to the stand located next to the InfoBox and ask for your prize: This way you will win a cool children's mask customized with the Halloween theme and one of the little pots with which you can go to make a great deal with the witches and fill it with sweets. If you need help, go to the InfoBox where a good witch can help you.

Moreover, if you validate your consumption in the InfoBox, with tickets of 20€ or more, the good witch will give you a fun shopping bag.

You will only have to answer one question: Trick or treat? Don't risk it! Every Halloween in Habaneras is a real experience! Are you going to miss it?

You'll like the deal.


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