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Did you know the Cubeecrafts? If not, pay attention because you will have a lot of fun!

I'm sure the older ones are familiar with the cut-outs of a lifetime, aren't they? Well, the new Cubeecrafts is not less than that, cut-outs of our favorite fictional characters. 
These paper dolls are very simple to build, just download and print the sheet with the templates, cut it out and paste the remaining tongues where appropriate to gradually build what will end up being a cute little paper doll. 

It really is super fun, plus there are many characters! more than you can imagine! 

Your collection can become infinite if you follow this new trend. There are also levels! This is an activity that can be done by everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Isn't it great? Spending time with your family doing fun things is always appreciated! That's why every week we'll keep uploading new activities to our virtual playroom. 

But now it's time to get down to business. You can now access the links that you will find in our playroom. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, we'll be back next week with more fun stuff!



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3rd september 2020