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Canine parade of Habaneras

In Habaneras, we are faithful animal lovers. That is why, as every year, we celebrate the #DesfileCaninoHabaneras.
What does it consist of? The friends of the Hostel of Torrevieja will bring several of their canine guests, to make a parade in our space, the objective? Get them a new home. You sure know your new best friend!

- Rehearsals: from 10 am.
- Official parade: from 19 h.
- Information booth with all the procedures to adopt: from 10 am to 9 pm.

In addition, from 19:30 we will have dog workshops and talks with experts in care and adoption.
At Habaneras, we are committed to new opportunities. For him it will be the beginning of a new life, but for you it will be the beginning of a new friendship. For there is no love more sincere than the one with four legs 

We look forward to seeing you on August 25th!


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Habaneras Shopping Center

Saturday 25th August