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At Easter and spring, Enjoy Habaneras

Come and enjoy the arrival of spring, from 12 to 24 April, live the best experience!

This spring live an unforgettable experience in Habaneras! It will be like a new rebirth, full of sensations and emotions, that will make you fly away from this world.

This spring come to Habaneras and meet the great Easter bunny. This one will be in a magical garden, located in the central square of the shopping center*. Come and ask for a trip to one of the fantastic worlds that will offer you, through one of the capsule-eggs, virtual reality.

But if the part of the garden that you like best, are the flowers, their infinite colors, their magical shapes, and the sweet smell with which they intoxicate everything. In Habaneras we want to contribute this spring with a Flower Workshop in our urban orchard**.

Learn how to plant a seed and how to take care of it! You can come to Habaneras whenever you want to see your flower or plant grow. In addition, we will also have fun doing handicrafts, with the mythical Easter eggs that you will be able to take as a souvenir.

Ah, but remember that first you must become a true [H]addict. All you have to do is download the Habaneras App and register from the experiences button.

It will be an experience you will never forget.

The Easter Garden* from 12 - 21 April, discover a magical world, in the central square of the Centre, from 12h to 14h (mornings) and from 17:00h to 21:00h, come to our garden and discover it!

Easter and Flowers Workshop ** in our Urban Orchard, on the second floor of the C.C. From 17.30h to 20.30h. Due to the weather situation the Flower Workshop will be held from April 24-29.

And also...

The Tyrolean returns and we expand the workshops and the Ludoteca service!

Click on the links and discover everything that awaits you this magical month of April in Habaneras!

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy Habaneras


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